We are 'Dorsten' an Americana brother-sister band from the Phoenix area.

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“We immediately appreciate the authenticity that they share, and Sophie's vocal performance is simply out-of-this-world, cohesively fused with intricate and expansive instrumentation.

The duo cites 'Eleni Drake', 'From Indian Lakes' and 'Norah Jones' as influences, although it is clear that Sophie Dorsten and Alex Dorsten are creating a sonic universe of their own...", November 2022


Alice Cooper says he likes what the Dorstens have done with his song.

"It’s always a compliment when somebody chooses to record a song that you have written and performed and then adds their own particular style to it," he told The Arizona Republic.

"My version could be a broken-hearted guy sitting at a bar at 3 a.m. Sophie’s version is much more ethereal. More like an angel sitting on a cloud brushing her hair in slow motion. It’s quite haunting and beautiful.

Ed Masley,, March, 2023

...Sincere, sentimental, honest and poetic, "Mountain Song" is a sophisticated work of art. I cannot wait to hear more from the naturally talented Sophie and Alex Dorsten...” - Nicole Mendes

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